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                British Media Said China Will Dominate The World‘s Electric Car Market

                Time:2022-01-13 Views:359
                China Will Soon Become The World‘s Main Production Base For Electric Vehicles, And More And More Automakers Have Formulated Strategies To Develop Electric Vehicles In The Chinese Market. The Bbc Chinese Website Reported On The 15th That Simon Morse, General Manager Of Uk Benchmark Mining Intelligence (a Company That Collects Price Data And Assesses The Lithium Battery Industry‘s Supply Chain), Said That China‘s Lithium Battery Industry Is Becoming The Strongest In The World. In A Recent Interview With Chinese Media, He Said That Very Large Lithium Battery Factories Are Emerging, And Most Of The New Production Capacity Is Concentrated In China.
                Simon Morse Said That Although The Super-large Lithium Battery Factory Started With Tesla, China‘s Lithium Battery Production Giants Such As Byd, New Energy (atl) And Lishen 70% Of The New Factories Are Located In China.
                 Lithium Battery Manufacturing Base
                He Also Said That We Have Also Seen Japanese And Korean Manufacturers Also Building Super-giant Factories In China. China‘s Lithium Battery Production Capacity Will Account For 62% Of The World‘s Total In 2020.
                According To The British Benchmark Mining Intelligence, The Output Of Lithium Battery Factories In China Is Currently 16.4 Gwh, And The Total Output Will Reach 107.5 Gwh By 2020.
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