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                China Has Become The World‘s Largest Dumping Ground For Electronic Waste

                Time:2022-01-13 Views:341
                The United Nations University Recently Announced The World’s First "regional E-waste Detection" Research Report, Which Refers To 12 Countries And Regions In Asia Constitute The Largest Electronic Consumer Group, Accounting For Nearly Half Of The Market. By 2015, It Has Grown By 63%, And Both The Total Amount Of E-waste And Per Capita Production Have Grown Rapidly, Exceeding Population Growth, Putting Pressure On The Environment.
                   The Report Pointed Out That Technological Innovation Has Accelerated The Frequency Of New Product Launches, Especially The Faster And Faster Replacement Of Portable Electronic Products, Which Has Led To A Continuous Increase In E-waste In Asia. The United Nations Researchers Pointed Out That For Countries That Deal With E-waste Management Infrastructure That Is Not Environmentally Friendly, The Surge In E-waste Is Worrying.
                  mainland Has Become The World‘s Largest Dumping Ground For E-waste
                   Researchers Warned That Improper And Illegal E-waste Dumping Is Widespread In Most Asian Countries And Regions, But There Is No Legislation On E-waste. It Is Worth Noting That The Amount Of E-waste Generated In The Mainland In 2015 Was 6.68 Million Tons.
                   The Report Believes That The Lack Of Concepts, Disposal Sites, And Recycling Mechanisms For E-waste Has Caused Consumers, Dismantlers, And Recyclers To Become The Main Body Of Illegal Dumping. If Legislation Or Management Is Improper, E-waste Will Overflow.
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