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                Ruidisi Lighting is a manufacturer of LED lighting. Since established in 2013,we has been investing a lot of cost per year on new products development. Our major markets are North America and parts of Europe,We provide commercial lighting products, including LED strip batten light, LED linear lights, LED pendant, LED Wrap ,LED high bays,led vapor and led Cylinder Wall light. Products have passed ETL, CETL,DLC, CE, RoHS, SAA, C-Tick and other certifications.
                We have advanced LED power drivers and lighting production and testing equipment. All activities from material purchase to delivery are strictly controlled in accordance with IS09001:2008 system.
                We provide OEM,ODM services, high quality products, reasonable price, rapid technical support and after-sales service, Ruidisi has won a broad market and customer trust; Welcome to join us!
                We respect your privacy,Seriously.